Neuromanagement People and Organisations


People and Organisations

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Why is there a need today for a new discipline such as neuromanagement? The volume deals with the theme of the applications of neuroscience to organizational contexts evaluating the current impact, the potential for future developments, as well as the critical issues related to neuroscientific paradigms and investigation techniques typical of the neuroscience domain. The first section of the book focuses on the “neuroscientific mindset” for changing, considering, between the other, how leadership can be discovered and empowered by a neuroscientific approach; the neurophysiological components of motivation involved in the pleasure of working and committing for social rewards, positive reinforces, and learning; the practical applications to promote change in the company; how neuromanagement allows us to evaluate and enhance individuals’ executive functions through neuroassessment protocols. The second section suggests well-being and safety as economic leverages, dealing with the issues of promoting trust, managing stress, and applying novel neuroscientific techniques for neuroenhancement. The third section is entitled technology and innovative homo sapiens and describes two main themes: big data application in the company and their possible intersection with the neuroscientific field; moral decision-making processes, able to have an impact on the whole organization and its single members. Or, in other words, this book explores how to discover human beings in organizations through their brains.

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