Ethics in Action Dialogue between Knowledge and Practice

Ethics in Action

Dialogue between Knowledge and Practice

This book proposes a view of ethics as knowledge that guides action. It represents an attempt to create a space of reflection and discussion on the foundations of action. This theme will be developed comparing works of authors who operates within different theoretical and intervention fields. Starting from a general introduction to some of the relevant questions that a reflection on ethics poses and analyzing them in relation to constructivist psychology, the authors will explore what an ethical action means within health care relationships and, more specifically, within a psychotherapeutic context. The implications in the ways of construing a diagnosis in clinical psychology will be subsequently analyzed before entering the field of experimental research in psychology and neuroscience. This last one will represent the border with law. In fact, starting from the problem of the self-determination of individual actions the relationship between law and ethics will be examined in order to come back to psychology and its relationship with law discussing the matter of the welfare of the individual and the social community. This will lead us to a more open reflection on work, spirituality and political action through the exploration of the dynamics of power, authority and freedom. The aim of this journey through different theories and practices is to open a reflection on the basics of our actions.

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